SavaTrend is fully committed to protect your personal data. By accepting SavaTrend's Privacy Policy, you allow us to collect, use and expose your personal information only in accordance to the Privacy Policy and in a very limited manner. Please note that your personal data will never be sold, used or displayed to any party for or without payment.


How SavaTrend gets personal information from customers:

When opening a new account on SavaTrend website, we request a set of personal data from the customer. These data must be completed correctly to complete the registration process on the website and to ensure that there is no false or misleading information.


The personal information we collect:

Your name, address, email, phone number, and other basic information.

Financial information such as: bank account details in some processes.


Security Procedures:

When you complete the registration process, you can start buying from the SavaTrend website, which is strictly protected against fraud and abuse through these following procedures:

Record and store your IP address and the number of times you log on.

Collect usage and access data that allows us to block multiple accounts or fraud behaviors or to protect our systems against illegal attacks.

It is allowed for us to share this data with specialized and trustworthy fraud management services that help us analyze this data.

We use cookies which are small text files that are stored on a client's computer for keeping processes records, and the information collected and stored through cookies may be against the personal data that we maintain on our systems.


We obtain that personal and confidential information through the following sources:

Information you provide to us on the website, through forms, written models and other types of data entry.

Information entered on the website, through storing your personal information without completing or submitting a form.

Information from third parties entered indirectly to ensure the identity of the user and to prevent any deception or fraud.

Information from third parties that you certify and agree on providing it to us.

Information about buying and selling procedures and account history.